Crowdsourcing safety because there's strength in numbers!


SafeCrowd is the first global social network for safety and reporting alerts for the general public


Realtime Alerts

Be a part of a growing social network, create or receive real-time Alerts of any event related to Security that occurs to you or to others .


Browse through all security related alerts and Emergencies that are happening in any area. All Alerts and Emergencies will be displayed on the map or a list view if you prefer.

Stay in touch with your Loved ones

MyCrowd is a list of family members and friends that you can easily add to your Social Network. You will be instantly alerted of all events from your MyCrowd Network.

SafeTracker Feature

Know the exact location of where your family members and friends are in case of an emergency.

Safety Profile

Have all of your important safety related information in one place. SafeCrowd® allows you to store information like Emergency Contacts, Primary Physician, Medicine, Health and Auto Insurance.


Maybe you own a Towing Company, in SafeCrowd® you can offer your own services. Creating a profile of any business that relates to Security. It takes less than 2 minutes. SafeCrowd® users will search for your help when needed. You can also offer to help those in need.

How it Works

SafeCrowd® is designed to be as quick and easy as possible because every second counts when it comes to safety!

  • The first button you see will be the Emergency button for the most urgent situations. It will also contact 911 and notify all of your contacts at the same time!
  • The other important button will be the Alerts button for reporting things such as fires, assaults, and more. It immediately places the alert on the map to inform everyone in the area.
  • The third button is for SafeTracker which allows you to keep track of your closest friends and family members as they travel about. They can keep tabs on you too as you travel.

Those are the key functions but there is a lot more you can do with SafeCrowd®.

For example, we let you keep track of all emergency information that is critical in times of crisis such as your car insurance details after you’ve been in an accident or your health insurance data when you go to the hospital.

SafeCrowd is all about being social

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  • Coming Soon!

    SafeCrowd is in the home stretch and in beta testing mode! This means we will soon be in the Apple app store and ready to build the largest social network of good samaritans! We will let you know once the app is available for downloading. You can become a part of the safest network around! Keep Reading ..

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